Business Listings   |   Gloria Jeans Coffees For Sale in Melbourne!

Location: Melbourne
Reference: M2344
Price : P.O.A
State : VIC


Have you ever dreamed of being your own boss? This store is located seven kilometres from the Geelong CBD!!
Marketing Support
Brand identity has always been central to the success of Gloria Jean’s Coffees. Our qualified Marketing Department have years of experience creating and implementing successful marketing campaigns to help drive guests into your coffee house and enhance the Gloria Jean’s Coffees experience. They are responsible for all major national campaigns, digital and social media, promotions and point of sale materials as well as helping you with local coffee houses specific marketing.
Training Provided
Training and support for all new franchisee owners include:
- Coffee University! A world-class 5 week training program covering theoretical and practical aspects of coffee making, guest service and operational facets
- On-site practical training
- 24/7 online learning and communications platform CREMA to help train your team
- Comprehensive brand marketing, advertising and promotions program
- An established operating system and appealing consumer offering
About the Opportunity
Since first entering the Australian market in 1996, Gloria Jean’s Coffees serves more than 35 million guests each year across the country in over 300 coffee houses. That’s a lot of great coffee!!!

You can see that coffee and people are our passion. We are proud to play a significant part in the happiness of somebody’s day. Knowing just how you like your coffee, before you even have to ask. And there’s always something new to taste. Familiarity and product innovation – it’s what keeps our guests coming back for more.

We’re proud to be an award-winning, Australian-owned company; we attribute much of our success to our strong network of Franchise Partners. Nobody works alone – we provide our partners with world-class training and guided by our proven franchise operating model, our Franchise Partners receive. Along with the ongoing support they need to help their coffee houses grow from strength to strength.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees takes the process of selecting our Franchising Partners very seriously. They come from all walks of life and have various backgrounds and life experiences. It’s not necessary that you have experience running a café. We can offer you comprehensive training with that. We’d rather you have the right personality, outlook and aspirations. If you’re wondering whether you’re the right type of person to run one of our coffee houses, ask yourself:

1. Do I have good people skills?
2. Do I want to take control of my destiny?
3. Do I have a strong desire to succeed in my own business?
4. Am I prepared to have personal day-to-day involvement in my business?
5. Do I have a positive attitude?
6. Do I have strong communication skills?
7. Do I have a genuine interest in people?
8. Do I have the ability to deliver outstanding customer service?
9. Am I prepared to learn and adopt new ideas?
10. And of course… do I love coffee?

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